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Women in Digital Assets Forum (WIDAF) is driven by the vision of fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for women to thrive, contribute, and excel in the world of digital assets and fintech. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and connect women by providing them with the tools to become catalysts for change in this rapidly accelerating ecosystem.  

Our Founders

Why Women in Digital Assets Forum?

In Lynne's Words:

My story starts with my own career where I sought out mentors to help me improve, learn, grow, and master my craft. I discovered that there were only a limited number of mentors available to me. In 2003, I became a trailblazer when I had the opportunity to join BNYMellon, but declined the offer because I couldn't relocate to NYC due to various family reasons.

Instead, I proposed something unheard of at the time - I asked if I could work from home. It was a bold request, considering the size and structure of BNYMellon. In fact, it required the approval of the Vice Chair, the second-in-command at a 60,000-person institution. To my surprise, the Vice Chair gave me the green light, and in doing so, I helped to set a new pathway for professional standards in the industry. 

The success of my teams was built on creating solutions that benefited both employers and employees. We empowered each individual to bring their best selves to both the office and home, recognizing that a holistic approach to work-life balance was essential.

Professional lessons Lynne has learned:
  • Ask for what you need and stand your ground

  • Inspire, support women and their allies

  • Women need to be in every conversation, every decision and every solution to have a positive impact on individuals and the community as a whole.

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