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Women in Digital Assets Forum 2024

Women in Digital Assets Forum (WIDAF) is driven by the vision of fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for women to thrive, contribute, and excel in the world of digital assets and fintech. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and connect women by providing them with the tools to become catalysts for change in this rapidly accelerating ecosystem. 

2024 WIDAF Eventbrite - Bootcamp.png

Women in Digital Assets Forum 2024 - 
Blockchain Bootcamp

This Blockchain Bootcamp is specifically designed with WIDAF to support individuals and businesses, equipping them with the essential tools and insights to prosper in the dynamic blockchain landscape. Join Us in Driving the Future.

Testimonials from our Attendees:

The moderators, panels and speakers were outstanding.  Commissioner Peirce made some excellent points about the US/UK working together to create and regulate this new financial infastructure.

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Engage with critical conversations in the digital assets space and join the growing movement of Women leaders and their allies through sponsoring our events

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